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Immediate Needs Assessments (INA)

The INA forms the basis of a client’s rehabilitation programme. Conducted by an experienced case manager, this specialist assessment allows us to identify the client’s rehabilitation requirements and prepare a comprehensive INA report. This INA report includes a personalised Rehabilitation and Recovery Plan (RRP), designed specifically for that client with the aim of returning them to as close as possible to their pre-injury health status and lifestyle. This could include returning to work, study, leisure pursuits and activities of daily living (ADLs). The INA also facilitates the development of a strong and trusting relationship between the client and their case manager, which is a vital part of the rehabilitation process.

The assessment usually takes about 2 hours and can be carried out in the client’s home or when appropriate, over the telephone.

INA Summary

•  2 hour (approx.) holistic assessment
•  Client-centred approach
•  Comprehensive report incl. bespoke Rehabilitation and Recovery Plan (RRP)
•  Ongoing case management if required and approved

The RRP is a comprehensive plan which outlines in clear and simple language the client’s rehabilitation goals, as well as the recommended actions, estimated costs and likely timescales required to help the client to achieve these goals.

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Case Management

If CCM are given funding authorisation to proceed, the case manager will work collaboratively with the client to implement their unique Rehabilitation and Recovery Plan (RRP) in order to achieve their personal goals. This may involve:

•  Multidisciplinary liaison with NHS, social care and private providers
•  Collaboration with employers to facilitate the client’s return to work
•  Working closely with the client to facilitate participation in meaningful activity
•  Devising creative solutions to address any unmet needs

CCM case managers maintain close and regular contact with the client and their families to monitor and review progress against agreed goals.

Rehabilitation and Recovery Plans are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Key features:

•  Collaboration with clients, families and third parties
•  Delivery and reviews of RRPs
•  Access to traditional and creative therapies
•  Inclusion of meaningful activities
•  Effective and cost efficient provisions
•  Support with return to work

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Vocational Rehabilitation

CCM believes that enabling clients to return to work, purposeful activity or work readiness at an early stage in their rehabilitation is important for their health and recovery.

One of the primary aims of most rehabilitation programmes is therefore to facilitate clients’ vocational goals. This relies not only on their physical capacity, but also on their psychological wellbeing.

CCM case managers work closely with clients, employers and, if appropriate, specialist functional and vocational consultants to implement return to work options that inspire and motivate their clients.

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