CCM and how we use ‘creativity’

Creativity is at the heart of CCM; not only in the innovative way we do things but also in the nature of the rehabilitation programmes we provide. This approach is underpinned by our three core principles of Choice, Participation and Wellbeing.

Time to swim

With a passion for rehabilitation, a client-centred and evidence-based approach and an independence in decision making, CCM delivers the best possible care for our clients through:

CCM utilises innovative solutions & flexible approaches to achieve best outcomes for clients.

CCM places an equal emphasis on clients’ bio-medical, psychological & social needs.

CCM utilises a wide range of evidence-based interventions to address clients’ needs & goals.

CCM incorporates meaningful activity into client programmes to facilitate engagement and drive motivation, wellbeing & recovery.

Occupational Therapy: Senior woman with motor activity loop

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

CCM operates a biopsychosocial approach to rehabilitation. As well as addressing clients’ medical needs, CCM:

• Recognises the importance of psychological health and embeds psychological treatment principles within clients’ rehabilitation programmes. Clients are also able to access cognitive and other evidence-based therapies.

• Incorporates clients’ personal interests into their rehabilitation programmes to enhance their motivation, engagement, wellbeing and overall outcomes.

• Aims to facilitate clients’ wellbeing and recovery by addressing issues such as sleep disturbance, poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

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